Pro-Parent, Anti-Parental Notice

Next month, ICAH youth and their adult allies will travel to Springfield to let our voices be heard about the dangers of parental notice of abortion law and offer performative advice to adults on how to have safe, affirming, healthy conversations with youth about sex and sexuality without legislating them. We work extremely hard through a variety of education and organizing tools to help both youth and adults build their comfort and competency with conversations at home, school and the doctor’s office so that healthy and resource-filled conversations are happening proactively and that in times of concern, the lines of communication are open and the routes to help are clear. 

Most young people discuss their decision-making with a caring adult but it is not always a parent or guardian and we know that NOT all parents/guardians are safe to talk to. As such, this Parental Notice Law is nothing short of dangerous and a barrier to healthcare access.

It drives young people to get unsafe/illegal abortions to avoid having parents notified of their choice to have a safe procedure done by medical providers.

It means that young people who are already fearful of the judicial system may take desperate measures to avoid the extra effort to stand before a judge to obtain judicial bypass.

It means that young people who are being abused at home or pregnant by means they have not consented to have to confront abusers in humiliating ways.

It means that young people are subjected to homelessness and violence by parents who disapprove of their pregnancy.

It means that young people who are not interested or able to parent for mental, emotional, financial reasons or otherwise may be coerced into parenting by their own parents.

We wish these realities were not true but they are. If they are not true for you and your family, congratulations. However, please read the real stories of youth impacted by parental notice by visiting Privacy means safety. We must protect the most vulnerable among us. Please come to Advocacy Day 4/3/3014 to let law-makers know that this law is UNSAFE and puts young people at risk. Please register here and donate to help us get to Springfield.

Yamani Hernandez,
Executive Director, ICAH
Mother of a 13-year-old and 8-year-old

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