Hitchhiked 40 miles to the Courthouse

A young woman lived in a town where only one bus went to the court each day. She arrived at the bus station on time, but had to run into the restroom because of her morning sickness. While she was in the bathroom, the bus pulled away. Determined not to miss her hearing which would force her to delay her abortion, she hitchhiked 40 miles to the courthouse, something she had never done before.

Straight-A student feared parents’ reaction

One straight-A student, college bound young woman came from a family who strongly opposed pre-marital sex and abortion on religious grounds. She was so desperate not to disappoint her parents that she drove hundreds of miles from Minnesota, which has a parental involvement law, to an Illinois clinic so that she could have the abortion without letting her parents down.

She was desperate to hide her pregnancy

A young woman attempted to get an abortion at 26 weeks. After she was told that an abortion was no longer an option given the stage of her pregnancy, she decided to place the baby up for adoption. For the rest of her pregnancy she hid her condition from her parents because she was scared that they would force her to keep and raise the child. She went so far as to refuse to be hospitalized for preeclampsia at 32 weeks against medical advice because she feared her parents would become suspicious when she did not come home. She was desperate to continue to hide her pregnancy, believing it was the only way she could preserve her relationship with her parents.

Punishment for her sin

A young woman had an older sister who was thrown out of the house by her parents when she became pregnant as “punishment for her sin.” Since then, her parents acted as if they had only one daughter. This young woman did not want to lose her family and home, or the sense that she ever even existed for her family.

Destroying her dreams for the future

One young woman had four older sisters, each of whom became pregnant as minors. In response to the news of each sister’s pregnancy, her parents would throw the sister out of the house. This young woman was an excellent student, had a college scholarship, and, in general, felt that she had her life ahead of her. Given what she had seen, she feared that, if her parents found out about her pregnancy, they would throw her out of the house too, destroying her dreams for the future.