She had to call DCFS on her own family

The much older adult sister of a pregnant youth disclosed to a clinic that since learning of her sister’s pregnancy, her parents had engaged in a prolonged period of degrading her sister (by, for example, repeatedly calling her a whore and telling her that she was no good) and isolating her from all outside sources of support. As a result, the pregnant youth became so depressed the sister was seriously afraid that the pregnant youth would try to kill herself.

The older sister thought that the situation was so dire that, after talking to clinic staff, she called DCFS about her own family.

StopPNA parental notice of abortion act in Illinois harms young people

Destroying her dreams for the future

One young woman had four older sisters, each of whom became pregnant as minors. In response to the news of each sister’s pregnancy, her parents would throw the sister out of the house. This young woman was an excellent student, had a college scholarship, and, in general, felt that she had her life ahead of her. Given what she had seen, she feared that, if her parents found out about her pregnancy, they would throw her out of the house too, destroying her dreams for the future.

Forbidden from having any contact with her sister.

At the age of thirteen, a young woman from Missouri, a state with a parental involvement law, saw her sixteen year old sister beaten by her father after she told their parents that she was pregnant and planning to have an abortion. After throwing her sixteen year old and all of her clothes out of the house, her father ordered the thirteen year old and her ten year old brother to box their sister’s belongings and take them to a dumpster. Everyone in the family was then forbidden from having any contact with the older sister. Four years later, they still knew nothing of the sister’s whereabouts. Now seventeen and pregnant, the young woman was anxious to avoid suffering as her sister had.


Parents sent her to India to force her to carry to term.

A young woman feared her parent’s reaction to the news that she was pregnant with the child of a young man of a different ethnicity of whom her parents did not approve. Upon hearing of her pregnancy and her plan to have an abortion, her parents sent her to India against her will to prevent her from terminating the pregnancy.

StopPNA parental notice of abortion act in Illinois harms young people

#Homelessness is just one consequence of forced parental involvement. Help #stoppna for youth in #IL. #abortionrights